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Commercial EPCs in London are our forte at Generation Consulting Ltd. As energy consultants, we specialize in delivering Energy Performance Certifications for commercial properties. An Energy Performance Certification (EPC) assesses the energy efficiency of a commercial building, serving as vital documentation required for potential buyers or tenants during property transactions. Additionally, newly constructed and new commercial buildings must also possess a non-domestic EPC.
Energy Performance Certificates are crucial documents that comply with the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards 2018. According to these standards, it is illegal to enter into a new lease or renew an existing one for a commercial property with an EPC rating of F or G during new lettings or lease renewals. To learn more about how our energy consultants can assist you, please contact our London-based team today at +44 7453 249 591.
Commercial Energy Performance Surveys are essential for marketing and promoting commercial buildings, including newly constructed ones. It's now legally required to have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for any building being constructed, sold, or leased. Prospective tenants, owners, or occupants must have access to the building's EPC. At Generation Consulting Ltd, our team of experienced energy consultants specializes in providing EPCs for buildings throughout London and its surrounding areas. With our deep expertise in the energy industry, we guarantee our clients receive high-quality, professional service. We ensure full compliance with energy legislation and strive to deliver services to the highest standards at Generation Consulting Ltd.
Energy Performance Certificates were mandated by the Government in 2007 for both domestic and commercial properties. Commercial Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) involve energy surveys aimed at assessing the energy efficiency of buildings or commercial properties. EPC ratings range from A to G, determined by the building's CO2 emissions per square meter of floor space.
These certificates are essential as they furnish details regarding the energy efficiency of the building. This information stems from various factors, such as insulation, heating, cooling, ventilation systems, glazing, and renewable energy generation systems. In addition to offering energy ratings, we provide improvement report services. Contact us to explore our comprehensive range of services. Reach out to our London-based team today at +44 7453 249 591 to learn more.

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On time within budget fast and very efficient service. Highly recommend this company. We manage large office buildings with complex HVAC systems, this company has the necessary know how to deal with the most complex situations.

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