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Producing Display Energy Certificates in London is our expertise at Generation Consulting Ltd.As seasoned energy consultants, we specialize in offering various Display Energy Certificates throughout London. According to regulations, buildings exceeding 250m², occupied either entirely or partially by public authorities and frequented by the public, must prominently display a Display Energy Certificate (DEC).
Each DEC is complemented by an Advisory Report, which contains recommendations aimed at enhancing the energy efficiency of the building. Display Energy Certificates remain valid for one year for buildings exceeding 1000m², and for ten years for those ranging between 250m² and 1000m². It's mandatory to prominently display DECs in a location easily visible to the public. To learn more about our Display Energy Certificates and how our consultants can assist you, please reach out to our London-based team today at +44 7453 249591.
What does a Display Energy Certificate entail? It presents a building's energy performance, derived from its recorded energy consumption data over the past 12 months. Unlike an EPC, which offers an asset rating, a DEC provides an operational rating. This rating is depicted on a scale from A to G, where A denotes the highest rating, indicating low CO2 emissions, and G signifies the highest CO2 emissions level.
The ratings are determined by the energy consumption recorded over the preceding 12 months, comparing it against a standard building of similar size. A typical building's operational value is set at 100. Thus, a value of 0 indicates a zero-carbon building, while a value of 200 represents double the typical CO2 emissions.
How can one obtain a DEC? An assessor will visit the site to measure building dimensions and gather data on the building fabric, lighting, and HVAC systems. Additionally, the assessor will request 12 months of energy bills in a spreadsheet format like Excel. If the Display Energy Certificate is renewed the following year and there are no changes to the building, a further site visit may not be necessary. Confirmation of this exemption will be provided to the DEC assessor. Once the DEC is finalized, you will receive a copy of the certificate, which will also be accessible for download from the official government website. For inquiries, please contact our London-based team at +44 7453 249 591.

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