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Enterprise Resource Planning

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  Enterprise Resource Planning

Generation ERP integrates back-office applications for manufacturing, distribution and financials with front-office applications for customer support and sales force automation. Generation ERP

Generation ERP consist of number of module, here are the modules:

a. Financial
b. Customer Relationship Management
c. Supply Chain Management
d. Human Resources Management

The system has been developed as a multi tier enterprise application based on the latest Microsoft Technology (COM+) for distributed applications. There are 3 distinct tiers to this system.

· Client interface: a web browser such as Internet explorer version 5 or better, eliminating the usual hassles and troubles of windows application deployment.
· The business component services: all the business logic of the enterprise is encapsulated in components running inside Windows 2000 Application Server.
· The back end databases: currently working with the fastest database management server out there in the market, SQL Server 7.

The multi tier architecture offers several benefits,

· Scalability to meet demand variations
· Integration with existing information systems
· Flexible security model
· Choices of servers and tools

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