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  About Us

Generation is a multinational business and technology company with offices in London, Montreal and Jakarta. Our strong ERP, e-solutions and data mining-, data warehousing consulting practice helps you maximize business performance by integrating strategic change, process improvements and technology solutions. We're not just developing strategy, we're finding the best ways to implement it!

Our mission is to help clients make significant improvements by providing them with information technology and process consulting services. Our strength lies in our network of resources called "Global Web" - a network of consultants and specialists located throughout the world that help us provide services with a wide range of expertise. Whenever one of our customers requires someone with a specific background, we can locate that person from our network and involve him or her in our team.

The fact is simple, today we are in a new economy, Internet economy (E-conomy) where companies compete globally.
To become competitive and provide higher quality, faster and cheaper services to our clients, Generation has established offices in Asia where people and resources are plenty and operating costs are far cheaper than in Europe or North America.

We also establish strategic alliances with leading vendors to strengthen our position by gaining access to specific skills and knowledge. As a result, we are able to keep up with the rapid advancements in the technology world.

Generation finds value in the unique needs of every customer. We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all appraoch. Only through careful analysis of our customers needs, problems and opportunities for improvement can we provide a solution designed to meet their specific needs.

  The Way We Work

Generation is committed to providing professional quality services to our customers. We believe our customers are our "partners" and our work methodology illustrates this. We have established a work methodology to guide us in the achievement of:

  • Ensuring that our customers receive significant benefits out of the engagement. Prior to accepting any assignment, we carefully analyze the opportunities for improvement. If we do not see the opportunity, we will not take the assignment.
  • Working closely with customers, not for them, to achieve expected results. We believe that close collaboration and insight from our counterpart team will lead us to the best possible solution.
  • Delivering the best possible solutions to customers. We believe our customers deserve the best possible solutions to their problems. Therefore, we work hard and make every reasonable effort to ensure that our clients receive the best solutions.
  • Strictly keep customer information confidential. As professionals, we have strict policies concerning customer information.

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