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If you're seeking New Build SBEMs and EPCs in London or nearby areas, Generation Consulting Ltd is here to assist you.
New build properties mandate a Part L Document, essential for meeting building regulations, which should be compiled at the project's outset. Design stage SBEM calculations are obligatory and must be submitted to Building Control prior to commencing any onsite work. A construction SBEM calculation is necessary within 30 days of completing the building. These tasks should be conducted by a qualified assessor, ensuring compliance within the specified timeframe, along with providing a construction EPC. For further details and a complimentary quote, reach out to our London-based team at +44 7453 249591.
Part L encompasses the energy efficiency standards outlined in the building regulations, addressing various categories:
Part L1A: Pertaining to New Dwellings, Part L1B: Focused on Existing Refurbishment & Extensions
Part L2A: Applicable to Non-Domestic New Buildings, Part L2B: Addressing Non-Domestic Refurbishment & Extensions
What does the 'Design Stage' SBEM calculation entail?
During this phase, the energy consultant conducts a compliance assessment using the detailed plans and specifications provided by the architect or construction developer. If initial compliance with Building Regulations isn't met, the energy assessor offers recommendations on cost-effective improvements to ensure compliance. Upon completion of the process, the assessor furnishes a set of reports suitable for submission to building control, enabling construction to commence.
What does the 'On Construction' SBEM calculation entail?
Following the completion of building construction, a second assessment conducted by the energy assessor becomes necessary. This assessment ensures that any deviations from the 'design stage' calculation are accounted for and that compliance with prevailing regulations is attained. The energy assessor will also conduct a site visit, verifying elements such as the actual HVAC systems installation, air pressure test score, and any modifications made during the construction process. Subsequently, the energy consultant completes the EPC for the building, incorporating the data into the assessment software to generate the EPC report.
For New Build SBEM & EPC services in London, reach out to Generation Consulting Ltd today.
Whether you're in London or its surrounding areas and in need of SBEM and EPC assessments for your new property or premises, our team of expert energy assessors is here to assist you. Contact us today for comprehensive building assessments. Call our team at +44 7453 249591 for more details.

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