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Generation offers a full spectrum of business consulting and technology development solutions. These range from e-Business strategy, to custom software development and implementation of leading third party applications. Our technical consultants and developers are skilled in multiple software languages including Java, ASP, C++, PHP, and Cold Fusion.

Our consultants and developers consider themselves "technology agnostics," devoted only to what works best for you. It's a philosophy that has distinct advantages for our clients because it allows us to focus on the technology that is right for their organizations.

Application Development Practice
Generation consultants offer architecture, design, and development services. Understanding your business requirements, combined with our high technical competency, translates into saving time and money developing your business computing environment as well as improving your competitive position.

Our team of developers and consultants can provide expertise in the following areas:

  • N-Tier Client/Server Application Development
  • Application Architecture Design
  • Information Management Solutions
  • Project Management
  • Application reengineering
  • Internet solutions

Application Integration Practice
Understanding the impact traditional client-server or intranet/Internet applications have on network infrastructure is critical in developing technology solutions that solve - rather than cause problems. Using various relevant design tools, Generation Technologies helps companies fully utilize Microsoft Window NT/2000 as both a foundation for your Internet-Work as well as an effective Application Server.

Our team of Application Integration specialists can provide expertise in the following areas:

  • Design and architecture of Microsoft Windows NT/2000 application servers
  • Internet/intranet capacity planning
  • Windows NT/2000 Server engineering and design
  • Knowledge transfer

E-Business Strategy and E-Commerce Practice
Generation’s E-Business Strategy practice can guide your company on how to take advantage of emerging technologies. We determine whether your organization can benefit from new technology trends, and if so, where should the focus be. We analyze your critical business processes and your organizational goals, to develop a concrete strategy and E-Commerce system to E-Enable your organization.

Sophisticated E-Commerce projects dictate the need for a solid, extensible architecture. Generation can transform your strategic plans into fully functional web-based products, sites and systems. E-Commerce, web development and integration, focuses on architecting a highly sophisticated, scalable, secure, fault tolerant E-Commerce systems for your firm and your customers for both Business to Consumer or Business to Business applications,

Our E-Commerce developer and consultants can provide expertise in the following areas:

  • Defining corporate E-Commerce architectures as well as the software development processes.
  • Using the Microsoft tool set to develop customized E-Commerce solutions while leveraging your investment in Microsoft Window NT/2000 and Back Office server platform.
  • Internet/Intranet Design and Implementation
  • Legacy system integration with your site.
  • Project Management

ERP and Web-Based Extended ERP Development and Integration Practice
Companies have realized enormous savings by using the Internet to transmit data to their customers and uk replica rolex vendors. If your company has no process for enterprise automation in place, we can help you implement a solution. If you have an existing proprietary system, we can help you extend your ERP systems outward toward customers, vendors and suppliers, as well as internally to your employees via the Internet. This involves building on today's N-tiers or client/server architecture by providing web interfaces to ERP functions, reports and data. For many clients this can result in immediate savings with relatively little investment cost.

Generation helps companies to architecture, design, and develop tailor-made ERP and Web-based ERP system, helps companies to realize the undiscovered business benefits by implementing ERP systems. Our ERP developers and consultants are experienced with Business Application Programming Interface, Microsoft Visual Basic, Visual C++, Visual J++, XML, and Microsoft's COM+ Component Connector to develop applications that integrate tightly with companiesâ?ERP environments. We are proficient in all phases of ERP development and integration including Business Application Programming Interface analysis, N-Tier system architecture design, ERP system development, and code implementation.

While our consultants primarily operate as technical developers, they have a great deal of overall experience in the ERP and Web-based ERP environment and have received functional training. This palette of skills and knowledge ensures that not only do our developers and consultants understand your technical problems, but also your real-world business challenges.

Our team of developers and consultants have demonstrated expertise in:

  • N-Tier Client/Server ERP Application Development
  • E-Commerce Application Development
  • Intranet and Internet site development with Microsoft Site Server Internet technologies
  • Interface Development and Integration for Microsoft Window 98/NT/2000 environment
  • ERP Architecture Design
  • Information Management Solutions
  • Real-time or Batch Interface Design and Development
  • Implementation Support on Microsoft Window NT/2000 and Microsoft SQL Server
  • Project Management
  • Development Knowledge Transfer

Enterprise Data Services Practice
Generation helps companies realize the maximum benefit from Microsoft database and Business Intelligence applications. We are experts in BackOffice, Visual Studio development tools and the Microsoft SQL Server database platform that can scale from the laptop to the enterprise.

Our Enterprise Data Services consultants can provide expertise in the following areas:

  • Enterprise Database Application Development
  • Data Warehousing
  • Enterprise Java development
  • Data Mining
  • Data Modelling - Logical and Physical
  • Data Conversion
  • Enterprise Database Architecture Planning and Review
  • Database and Application Performance Tuning
  • Data Integrity Planning
  • Capacity Planning

Multimedia Graphics Design Practice
Generation has its own in-house multimedia graphics design team. For Internet solutions, Generation provides cutting edge HTML and Flash development. We focus on clean user navigation, while maximizing functionality within limited bandwidth environments. For site stand-alone presentations, Generation can provide full motion multimedia files, video presentations, and interactive CD-ROMs.

Generation develops high quality functional and technical documentation. Our dedicated documentation staff specializes in creating documents that allows our clients to manage their own technology after implementation.

For us, documentation is not simply the last job on the project. It starts early on in the design phase, and continues throughout the project. All code is documented from within as well.

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